Envisioning the Future of the Mining Industry

Mining has become a vital part of our every day lives. Even though we might not be associated with the industry we use materials that come from https://outletminers.com/products/iceriver-ks2 everyday. A world without minerals would be a world without cars, trains, airplanes etc. We would not be able to do the things we have now without those important minerals. We won’t be able to live in secure buildings/structures as everything will then have to be made out of wood. This is definitely not a world we can envision today as our lives revolve around these comforts/ necessities of life. These are not the only material things we would have to go without, things such as TV’s, computers and food, yes food.

If we look at the future of mining it is evident that we cannot go without this industry and it will therefore become an ever expanding industry. As the mining industry has progressed into the twenty-first century, it is producing higher value products (products with lower costs and superior qualities) that enable continued economic development and the extensive use of conservative and advanced products and energy resources to sustain the world’s growing populace and rising markets in developing and industrialized countries. Developing countries have embraced the notion that the mining industry and their products provide the standards for measurement of nation growth. Communities welcome mining operations, recognizing their input to employment and economic growth. The industry is achieving this vision by encircling all elements of mining (exploration, development, production, processing, utilization, recycling, disposal and the associated transportation systems).

As technology keeps on expanding and people gain more knowledge and experience in this industry it will only get better from there. People have said that the mining industry wont survive the “digital age” because technology will be able to cancel out the minerals we cherish. The “digital age” only promises that people will have easier life styles compared to working from an office they will be able to do everything from the comfort of their own homes. What people don’t see is how we get to that point. We will only be able to get there through the expansion of computers and the internet amongst other things.

The mining industry will only improve with the emerging technologies by increasing productivity and reducing occupational hazards. The mining industry does, however, suffer when global economic climate seems a bit dull. If we experience recession before these new technologies arrive we will have a problem. As proven in the past the mining industry suffered during recession because of the high costs involved in the processes. With new technology these high costs will be cut.

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