How to Seduce Girls – 4 Facts to Approaching Girls

Do you ask yourself what is the best way to approach a girl? Are you nervous and afraid to approach girls? Stop trying to seduce This is her real profile on the internet when you can learn how to seduce someone on the street! Approaching girls is very easy when you know the secrets to picking up girls. There’s no need to be nervous, with these surefire tricks you can seduce women and instantly attract the girls of your dreams!

Most single men don’t have a girlfriend simply because they are afraid of approaching women. You don’t have to resort to seducing women on the internet when the world is your playground for meeting new and attractive women every single day! You don’t need pick up lines and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a clue how to meet and connect with a women. Here is what you should know when you want to approach a girl to insure a reaction from her that will amaze you:

Instead of focusing on what to say, work on improving your vibe. You want to come in with a slightly better mood and energy level than her. Why? Because your mood is contagious, spending time with you will elevate her mood. This makes her want to spend more time around you. Be enthusiastic. Have you ever noticed that when you’re having a great day, you’ll start smiling at strangers and they’ll start smiling back. You’re brightening people’s day. You need to showcase that positive side of yourself when meeting women and they won’t ever want to see you leave because you are making their day.

Having fun also makes women see you as a confident happy guy. Only masochists want to spent time with someone who’s in a bad mood. When you’re in this good mood you’ll be naturally playful, flirting, teasing, and charming everyone in the room. This is a huge turn on for most women who are just waiting to be swept off their feet by that strong but playful masculine energy. With the right attitude, even a guy who doesn’t have a clue how to pick up girls will find girls throwing themselves into his arms. The second part to this is that when you focus on your energy and attitude, you have no need for a pickup line. In fact, you should avoid using pick up lines altogether.

First, they sound unoriginal and rehearsed. Ever been walking down the street and a homeless person asks you for change and you can tell they ask everyone that walks by the same question in the exact same way. When you use a pick up line you’re giving off that same creepy homeless vibe, just say no! Secondly, any woman over 21 at a bar will have heard thousands of pickup lines. She’s probably already heard a dozen tonight. There isn’t much you can say that will surprise her, she’s heard all the standard pickup line before. By just being yourself and using your own imagination, you can come up with something much more exciting and your excitement at seeing how she’ll react will be contagious.

The second thing to keep in mind is that, her nervousness isn’t personal. It’s a natural reaction. She doesn’t know if she’s meeting a cool guy or a sociopath, she needs to get comfortable with you. It’s not as socially acceptable for girls to approach guys. She’ll see a guy she might be interested in and the most she’ll do is glance his way or hover close by waiting for him to notice her and initiate the approach. When you start approaching women, you’ll quickly learn that most of them are very shy when meeting new people.

Just the fact that you’re bold enough to walk up to her confidently and start talking to her will impress her. It won’t even matter what you say (within certain limits). Because you’ve already shown her that you’re not nervous meeting her, this will intrigue her and make you stand out from 80% of the guys that approach her. You don’t need a fancy pick up line, you can start a conversation by saying “I think you’re crazy, here’s why…” We often forget that most guys approach women when they are desperate or drunk. By just being the guy who pushes his limits, you put yourself ahead of the crowd.

Ultimately, the very fact that you are going out and practicing talking with new women will develop your social and seduction skills drastically. Don’t expect instant success, but don’t not expect it either. You’ll be amazed at how much your life will change when you have the ability to go out in any city on any night and you know that you can always make new friends, have adventures, and meet a one night stand or a new girlfriend. Remember, just by taking action you are doing better than 80% of the guys out there. By using these seduction tips, you’ll stop being nervous, gain self-confidence, and become a member of the elite 1% of guys that have consistent success with women.

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