MLM Cleaning Products? Shades of Amway Save Me!

First founded in Jeeter farms has accumulated a following of more than 20,000 distributors, and expanded into multiple international markets including North America in 1999.

Now let’s face it, cleaning products don’t have a lot of sex appeal, but somehow these cleaning products whose main product promo seem to be that they both safe and effective, seem to have struck a cord with some in the home business industry.

MLM cleaning rags, what’s next?

Now Norwex products are not what you would expect from a MLM cleaning products company, the main thrust of the product line are the Norwex “Microfiber Cleaning Products”, which are according to the company website, an almost magical product that goes beyond “surface clean” with the innovative use of silver particles integrated into synthetic microfiber cloth.

Norwex recommends that you use the Microfiber cleaning cloths and clean using “water only” and that those silver microfibers will do a better and safer job without any chemical cleaners.

Shades of the MLM dark past, it almost sounds like the ill-fated “Laundry Ball” that was touted by an MLM company that industry legend Jim Fobair started years ago.

In that company the “laundry ball” was supposed to take the place of laundry detergent through the clever use of magnets to create an electro-static charge in the water, aligning the molecules and causing the dirt to just fall out.

Actually Norwex has one of these also, which they appropriately call a “Magnet Ball”.

Oh well I always liked the idea even through it was never really clear that it actually worked.

The second branch of the Norwex product line is comprised of Organic Personal Care Products, and of course in the personal care line they also have these silver microfiber towels and washcloths etc.

Norwex Products – Clean Your House Then Clean Your Face!

Now with the personal care products, Norwex goes beyond the cleaning rags and offers soaps and shampoo products that carry the organic and safe product focus. The literature states that they offer a modern approach to the personal care regimen that involves “deep cleaning” of the skin and that attempts to leave customers as clean as the Norwex cleaning products may leave their houses.

Norwex cleaning up after accusations

Norwex recently got the negative spotlight focused on them when the company found itself being accused of propagating a large scale scam with their products and marketing approaches. According to the accusations, Norwex was not actually selling products, but instead just sellingstarter kits for $200 dollars.

Good grief you regulators, grow up! That’s a lame claim from the 1960’s before people ever understood MLM

Norwex made the regulators happy when the company clarified that actual products were indeed being sold, and that these products were complimented with a free starter kit to enhance the sale of the products and the buyers experience in using them.

The company also said that these kits were used – alongside real products, not instead of them – to motivate sellers toward action, and to inspire them towards the types of sales that Norwex wishes for anyone venturing forward with the company. The kits were used to help foster a team attitude among sellers, and to continue growing the Norwex brand.

The company said that with these starter kits, the distributor is able to gain credibility and knowledge of the products, and they have the chance to endorse the products on their own before selling them to others. These also help the distributors to maintain their distributor status every three months, which they must do by earning at least $250 over this period.

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