Red Bull Energy Drink- The Most Popular on the Market energy drink is the “big kahuna” of energy drinks. It wasn’t the first ever created (that honor goes to Jolt Cola back in the early 80’s) but it did kick-start this new booming market of energy-inducing beverages.

Red Bull blasted onto the scene in 1997 and essentially created the energy drink market in the United States. Energy drinks made over $275 million in wholesale revenues with 65% going to Red Bull. The owners of the privately held company won’t talk about its financial revenue, but annual sales are rumored to be over $1 billion worldwide. Like I said, they’re the “big kahuna” of energy drinks.

Who created Red Bull and why did they make it taste so strange? Well, the creator is Dietrich Mateschitz. Back in the 80’s, while traveling in Asia, Mateschitz came across a syrupy beverage and discovered that its main ingredient was taurine, an amino acid which is produced naturally in human and animal bile. After meticulous analysis and experimentation, he finally developed the unique beverage that we all know as Red Bull.

The taste is, shall we say, distinctive. When I first tried Red Bull, I thought I was drinking carbonated cough syrup. Others have said it tastes like liquid Sweet Tarts. Regardless of what you can compare it to, the fact is, it takes some getting used to. But let’s be honest, you don’t drink it for the flavor, you drink it for the buzz(i.e. energy). Red Bull’s slogan claims “it gives you wings”. If you drink enough of it, you’ll feel as though you have wings; I know from experience.

I believe a big reason Red Bull has such popularity is because of the mystery and potential dangers associated with it. College kids, clubbers, and extreme sports enthusiasts dominate the energy drink market and we all know most people in these demographics love the thrill of danger. Red Bull panders to that emotion unabashedly. Why else would they explicitly state–do not exceed 3 cans a day.

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