Spread Betting – The Danger and Rewards سایت وان ایکس بت

Spread betting is a method of placing a bet on something and using a spread on how you think the event, product etc will go. For example, if you are سایت وان ایکس بت that a team will win by 10 points or more, then you will win x amount of money per every point that team goes over 10 if they win. If they win by less than 10, then you lose your money. Sounds simple, but it has both its rewards and its dangers.

Free from some taxes: The earnings aren’t subject to the 5 percent taxes that are charged when someone buys stocks or bonds instead of just betting on how the stocks will go up or down. It is also free from you having to pay capital games taxes unless the tax rules are changed. Of course if you win money, you are still subject to the IRS for income taxes.

All cost included: Spread betting lets you pay everything at the same time including the fees for the bookmaker and any funding as you make your bets, not all at once and you always know much you would possibly lose. In regular betting, you have to pay as you go and it can cost you a lot more percentage wise than in spread betting.

Bets can be makes everywhere! It is something that a person can do no matter where they live or with whom they want to place the bet with, even if it is in a worldwide arena you can get involved in stocks, bonds, gold or whatever takes your fancy.

Addiction is possible! It’s a well-known fact that gambling can become addictive. Just look at Gambler’s anonymous. Anyone that finds they are gambling more and more regularly should examine what they are doing and be careful. Analyst has shown that spread betting is even more dangerous, then regular betting. It’s estimated that 15 percent of those who try spread betting could become addicted versus one percent in regular gambling.

Losing will cost you: Although in spread betting you only have to put up a part of the bet, but if you lose, you will still have to pay off the broker with the entire amount of the loss. It is indeed a great way to make money on stocks, etc without having to put down as much or pay some taxes or fees, but things don’t always go as planned and if you don’t do the proper research ahead of time, you could lose a very large sum of money.

All in all, spread betting is a style of betting when a person bets the odds on a positive or negative outcome of a situation. For example, a person bets that gold will rise in price to $350 or above. If it does, for every dollar over that better will win money. Otherwise, if it goes down, he loses for ever dollar under that. It can bring both rewards and pitfalls, so betters should do their homework and know what to expect before placing a bet.

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