How to Get the Best Out of Your Local Farmers Market

One of the best family activities during the summertime is going on a road trip to look at farmers markets all over the state. Not only will you be able to purchase the best local produce, it is also a great way to introduce your family to exotic fruits and vegetables or unique local cuisine. However, many people forget that agriculture land for sale near bangalore markets are a world away from your favorite supermarket. Many families who are just getting acquainted with the concept of the farmers market are surprised to find that a lot of things — from the way the markets are organized to the way you have to pay and bag your food, is completely different from Wal-Mart or even Whole Foods.

1) Come early to get the pick of the produce. Arrive just a few minutes after set-up time, and have a look at everything that’s on offer. Pick the ones you like best and buy them straight away. Don’t dally! If the stall runs out of stock before you are able to purchase any produce, they will not be able to re-stock until the next harvest.

2) Bring a reusable shopping bag with a shoulder strap or a wheeled trolley to carry your purchases around in. Farmers markets do not lend out shopping carts like your local supermarket, and many people don’t realize how heavy a large pumpkin is until they have to lug it around all day at the farmers market.

3) Bring small bills and loose change; not everything runs on plastic, and your local farmers market is one of them. It’s also easier on both you and the farmer if you pay with the exact amount — especially very early in the morning when you are probably the first customer.

4) Be open to new experiences. Sure, the potatoes are fresh and the tomatoes are fantastic, but how about bokchoy, kale, or moringa? Part of the fun of shopping at farmers markets is you get to try new things that your local supermarket is loath to stock due to “low demand”. You never if you’ll love them or hate them, until you try.

5) Make friends with the farmers and stand attendants. They will give you a lot of valuable tips such as which produce is in season or how to prepare them in new and delicious ways. They may also give you a bonus such as a discount on your total purchases, or extra pieces of fruit or vegetables for every pound that you buy.

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